Rev. John Zimmerman


Rev. John Zimmerman is an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church and served as a pastor in local church settings for 28 years. During his time in pastoral ministry, Pastor John used his gifts of preaching, healing, and evangelism in various settings. In 2013, Pastor John was appointed as General Evangelist in the United Methodist Church. He developed a consultant ministry model called, “About Face Church Outreach Consultants.” About Face helps churches discover transformational development ministry with the poor, broken and lost. He believes the Church is in the unique position to offer hope and transformation of our broken lives. This is a replicable model to share with local churches around the country as he
engages in long-term relationships within the context of the local church mission field. He envisions helping churches move into a new paradigm of ministry that reflects more fully the
New Testament Church. He speaks throughout the United States and develops and leads online classes through the Institute for Discipleship.  He was honored as the recipient of the
2015 Harry Denman Evangelism award for his commitment and service to sharing the Good News. His heart, however, finds its greatest fulfillment when he is leading the church into
mission outreach right in their own backyard. You can read more at

(814) 473-3470

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