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Dr. Matt Ayars

Dr. Matt Ayars is currently the presidet of Wesley Biblical Seminary in Ridgeland, MS.  Prior to serving at Wesley Biblical Seminary, Matt served as the President of Emmaus University of Haiti as a career missionary with  the One Mission Society.

Matt earned a BS from Asbury University, an MA in Biblical Literature from WBS and a PHD in Old Testament Studies from the university of Chester, St John's College of Nottingham.

Dr. Ayars is the author of numerous books and academic writings on subjects of Hebrew Poetry, the Psalms, Paul, Wesleyan theology, to name a few.  Forthcoming publications include works with other authors:  John Oswalt, Chris Bounds, Caleb Friedman and Peter Ho.

Matt is married to Stacey and they are parents of four children.  We welcome him to the pulpit and to the Cherry Run Camp meeting family.

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