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Dr. Jim Harriman

Dr. Jim Harriman obtained his Bachelor of Arts (History) from Asbury College and his Master
of Arts in Religion from Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, KY. He received his
Ph.D. in Old Testament Studies from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville,
He was a missionary with World Gospel Mission (Assignment: Paraguay) from 1988–1994. He
has been a member of the Francis Asbury Society (headquarters in Wilmore, KY) since 1997 and
currently serves as our Director of Latin American Ministries. Jim preaches in churches and
camp meetings across the United States as well as ministering internationally.
In August, 2012, Jim took on the responsibility as the Director of Development and International
Representative for the Bolivian Evangelical University in Bolivia, South America. He serves on
the University’s Board of Directors, representing the Francis Asbury Society and leads the
University’s capital campaign, raising funds for their cattle project (ranch) and a much needed
hospital and library.
Jim has two children, Diana, who recently married Brock, and Isaac, a high school senior. His
wife, Pam, passed away in August, 2010, after a 6-year battle with a rare autoimmune disease
Jim resides in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, on the Bolivian Evangelical University campus. Currently, he
is spending time in the United States to raise funds for several of the University’s projects. To
donate to the Ranch project, click the Donate button on the right. You can also donate directly to
Jim’s support account or the Latin American Ministry account using the designated buttons on
the right. Thank you for your support.

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